Failing at Rational Thoughts - Humanity



Humanity is the first concept album that I have written, and was composed from December of 2014 and was finished in April of 2016. Although it is an instrumental demo, the story is represented in the music.

Mem: The album starts off in Mars a long time ago. It was a planet much like Earth, full of human life and successful societies. However, the two largest kingdoms on this planet have been going through disputes for years, and were on the brink of war. Eventually, the war started, and nuclear warheads covered the sky. Desperate for an escape, a small group of scientists build an escape pod.

Sacrifession: The king of the southern major kingdom has the disadvantage in the war and is desperate to try to find a solution. He flies through his personal library in his castle's bunker and finds an old and dusty book. He takes great interest in this book, and follows the instructions to make an army undefeatable. Upon an alter, he sacrifices his youngest son and practices a dark ritual. The ground shakes and demons flood the room. The king, ecstatic, yet terrified, orders the demons to take over the other kingdom. The king is, however, then murdered by the demon lord and the demons start on their conquest to take over Mars. The scientists then finally completed the escape pod, and launch themselves out of the planet, right before the demons make it to their island. As they fly out of Mars, humans and all other forms of life, have been murdered by the demon army.

Is It Just Me Or Is It The Moment That You Realize That You Hate Everything Is The Worst Thing Ever: The flight to Earth wasn't an easy trip. The adrenaline wore off of the scientists and being stuck on a cold and cramped ship wasn't ideal. Knowing that their friends and family have been killed didn't help this either.

Is It Just Me Or Is It The Moment That You Realize That You Love Everything Is The Best Thing Ever: Eventually, after the long flight to Earth, the scientists made it to Earth and celebrate. They start a new life, and a new generation of humans were born. It seemed like an Utopian tribe, but one day, a man started to get into an argument with another man about a women, which became heated and a fist fight started. This caused the tribe to separate, which over the course of a few years, the tribe split into many smaller aggressive tribes and humans lost all the knowledge they used to have and became primitive.

Flying Ever So Gently To The BBQ Festival In The Underworld: Back to Mars, now a desolate planet, a group of alien traders arrive and look at the wasteland that used to be a thriving society. Confused of where they might be, they search the solar system for any signs of human life. They find humans on Earth, but were stumped about why they downgraded in technology rather than upgraded. The aliens reteach the basics of consciousness and governmental structure to the humans, and they start to innovate. The aliens then decide to keep a close eye on these beings and build an observatory on Earth's moon.

I Am The King Of All Chicken McNuggets: The countries known today then are built over a period of time, and greed seemed to be the focus for the leaders. For their own sake, they brainwash the young and labor the older people. The aliens, part of a collectivist anarchist society, take note of this.
Invisable Hand: Eventually, the greed of the leaders takes the best of them, and they strive to take over the world. War becomes intense, and it appears to be the same thing that happened on Mars. A group of a few scientists look at the possibility of living on Mars.

The Ending Of All Pancakes Are Caused By Toothbrushes Thinking They Have More Authority Over Dental Floss: A nuclear war starts and the scientists embark on their journey to colonize Mars. As the planet loses all life, the spaceship leaves the atmosphere, and the aliens follow, writing up their hypothesis on what "human nature" is.

Released: July 5th, 2016