Failing at Rational Thoughts - Circle of Life II: Ikasama



The second part of the Circle of Life trilogy.

Utopia: Gatsby awakens on an alien planet with squid people. After a hard ride from escaping Earth's political corruption, he feels euphoria and enjoys this planet with a thriving economy and happiness among the squid population. (Written for my high school economics teacher.)

Ikasama: Gatsby meets the leader of the squid people, Ika-sama, and a welcome ceremony happens. The two discuss future plans, and Gatsby agrees to work with Ika-sama for residence of this Utopian planet. (Written for my high school Japanese teacher.)

Sharing Alien Technology: Gatsby's job was given, and now he works with the squid scientists to advance technology on this planet. Also, all of the underwater technology on this planet amazes him. (Written for my high school chemistry teacher.)

Gerrymandering: After working for the government for a while, Gatsby learned that both the Earth and this planet both have very similar governments. Both using redistricting to have a rigged democracy. He starts to question why he is accepting this and hope there is nothing else relating to Earth's corruption. (Written for my high school political science teacher.)

Sheeple: Gatsby eventually becomes a science teacher at a public university and realizes that the curriculum is not about learning; it is about how to obey the government. He learns all education on this planet was made to "program" the inhabitants of this planet. (Written for my high school computer science teacher.)

Dystopia: Gatsby, upset and depressed, runs to the countryside: an area he never traveled to. Turns out all inhabitants outside the capital are starving and their basic squid rights are being violated. (Written for my high school junior year English teacher.)

The Launch: Wanting to explode, Gatsby thinks of any way to escape this harsh reality. Too poor to buy a spaceship, he builds a cannon and uses the proper force and angle to launch him to another exoplanet. To be continued... (Written for my high school pre-calculus teacher.)

Released: July 4th, 2016