Failing at Rational Thoughts - Circle of Life I: Search for Home

Search for Home


The first part of the Circle of Life trilogy.

Gatsby (The Catcher in the Death of a Salesman): It is 1922. Gatsby survives his attempted murder and decides to escape planet Earth in search for a new and safer home. He decides to leave humanity alone forever and spends all of his money on the creation of a new invention: the spaceship.
Nearly dying from the blast from his ship on departure, he almost goes out of control, but manages to keep his ship in course. His only goal now is to find an exoplanet that can support human life. (Written for my high school sophomore year English teacher.)

Calculating the Square Root of Zero Divided by Zero: Barely keeping his ship in order, Gatsby's ship suddenly powers off. Knowing that his oxygen supply could run out quickly, he turns to his computers to try to solve the issue. It turns out his computers crashed by a divided by zero error. Gatsby tries desperately to restart the system to save his life.
Almost blacking out, Gatsby figured it out and reset the systems. Although, as soon as he was finished, the ship was heading towards an unknown planet that seemed highly toxic. (Written for my high school algebra II teacher.)

Pigs with Mutations I: Nuclear Waste: Gatsby managed to steer away from the planet, but one of his vents to the pork storage was open. Some of the nuclear waste of the planet happened to leak in that hole. (Written for my high school biology teacher.)

Pigs with Mutations II: Rebirth of the Pigs: The pigs in the pork storage cabinet began to wiggle and squeal in their fiendish voices in delight that they are alive again. Gatsby in shock peeked behind him as the pigs started to morph into one abomination. (Written for my high school biology teacher.)

Pigs with Mutations III: Piginstein: The abomination found its arch nemesis (Gatsby) and started to take a swing at him. Gatsby tries to shoot the creature with his pistol but it is no use; it is undead and cannot be killed again. Gatsby manages to lock it up in a closet after a long and intense battle, making sure to board it up with everything he had. (Written for my high school biology teacher.)

Hoover's Telegram from the Home Planet: Gatsby starts to notice beeping in his telegram. It is from Hoover, but he is unable to uncode it. This is the message: 01000111 01110010 01100101 01100001 01110100 00100000 01000100 01100101 01110000 01110010 01100101 01110011 01110011 01101001 01101111 01101110. (Written for my high school American history teacher.)

The Initiation of Engineering and Architecture on the Exoplanet: Gatsby finally settles and celebrates when he landed on an exoplanet he could live on. As soon as he started to try to build his home, he was kidnapped by the natives of that planet and brought to a section of land called Area 15, a top secret military base where the planet's civilians say it has extraterrestrials living in the spot, trading alien technology with the government. (Written for my high school pre-engineering teacher.)

Released: May 10th, 2015