Failing at Rational Thoughts - Circle of Life III: The Oracle

The Oracle


The final part of the Circle of Life trilogy.

Inertia: Waking up in his escape pod in deep space, Gatsby has a panic attack. There is no exoplanet to be found. There are only distant stars and galaxies. He finds it alarming that he finds this sight beautiful, because with the environment like this, there is no way that he will be able to survive much longer. He curls up in a ball, staring at the galaxies, waiting for his demise. (Written for my high school physics teacher.)

Newton's Method: Waking up again, still in his depressive mood, Gatsby thinks there is no hope. But something catches his eye! An exoplanet comes into view! However, his escape pod has no ability to change its direction on its own, so he slams against the walls of the escape pod to make it move towards the planet. He tries with all of his might to have the planet pull him and his escape pod in. (Written for my high school calculus teacher.)

Rubble: After a lot of work, Gatsby notices his spaceship quickly accelerating in speed towards this planet. He braces for a crash landing. Once landed, his escape pod is in rubble. It takes a lot of work to get the bent metal off of him, but once he does, he reaches for the exit, which he has to jump up to reach for. (Written for my high school weight training teacher.)

Hyƍgaki: Climbing out of the hatch of the escape pod, Gatsby stares in awe at the scenery. A snowy wonderland comes into view! Ecstatic, Gatsby runs around like a little kid. But, he isn't alone. Eventually, sabertooth tigers chase him, but he is saved by the woolly mammoth. He then realizes that he traveled back in time somehow while in space, and made it back to Earth during its ice age! But he doesn't know where he is. All he knows is that he is on some island, and the sun rises there first... (Written for my high school Japanese teacher.)

The Beginning: Upon his exploration, Gatsby meets primitive people! He shows them the knowledge he knows, such as language, irrigation, and pottery! Wow, so high tech! He even teaches goodwill, the golden rule, and sharing! (Written for my high school advisor.)

01000001 01001001: Although, Gatsby isn't the only teacher. The escape pod happens to have an AI from Ikasama's planet hidden on there. It comes to life, and starts teaching people seven deadly sins. People eventually then agree that the AI's methods are more rewarding than Gatsby's teaching, and kingdoms start to try to take over others. Gatsby is in despair. (Written for my high school computer science teacher.)

The Road to the Wild: Somehow holding immortality, the plot is skipped forward to the 1920s, where Gatsby has been rejected as a teacher for the government and instead asks the AI for advice. The AI wants Gatsby dead, so the governments of the world attempt to assassinate him. Although, after an attempt, Gatsby passes out in fear. The governments thought they killed him, but Gatsby woke up moments later, looking up at the stars, and decides to escape Earth in search for a new and safer home. (Written for my high school senior year English teacher.)

Released: April 5th, 2018