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Matthew Eager has composed music ever since a young age, starting with writing music through Punk-o-Matic 2 in elementary school years. Then in his middle school years, he started to do "random jams," free-improvisation jam sessions with his brother and friends. Knowing not many people liked his taste of music, Eager decided to make music of his dreams as a solo project, originally under the name of DarthMajo, but now called Failing at Rational Thoughts.
In 2013, Eager released his first album, 77 97 106 111. Then in 2015, he released his second album Majo.
Then in spring of 2015, Eager had a new idea: writing a concept album for his high school sophomore year teachers. This began the Circle of Life trilogy, with Circle of Life I: Search for Home written for his sophomore year teachers, Circle of Life II: Ikasama written for his junior year teachers, and Circle of Life III: The Oracle written for his senior year teachers. In between working on these albums, he also released the album Humanity.
In 2020, Eager released a master/revamp version of six tracks off of 77 97 106 111 into the EP The Software.